Do you like my style and are you looking for a unique and personalized design? Do not hesitate to contact me! 

What to expect.

Let's first get to know each other. We can discuss all your wishes and all the possibilities. After our first brainstorm I will make a first design. In principal, I use five 'sketch rounds' max. In most cases we don't even need all rounds. 

To get the best results I will arrange the whole proces from there. Matching envelopes, the printing and other desired extras. 

On average, the whole proces takes about two months. To late allready? Just ask, you never know. 

All designs are unique so that's why I will make you an offer. I can give you an indication of costs though.

Starting rates (incl.BTW, excl.printing, envelopes and other extras)

- Unique birth announcement, personalized Christmascard, wedding invitation o.e. : €200

- Unique and personalized (home)portrait A4: €100 (portrait of more than two people €125, more than €150)

- Small customized illustrations : p.p. €50 (website, book, etc)

- Big art work: A3 €225 - A0 €750 (depends) 


General terms and conditions;

  • I will put a small logo of LiMoprints on all my designs. If it is really bothering you, I am of course willing to look again at how my logo can be best incorporated in the final design.
  • LiMoprints retains the copyright of all designs. LiMoprints retains the right to use any illustration for any purpose again; online and offline portfolios, exhibitions, publications or promotional purposes.
  • Ensure that all texts and contact details you provide are correct. LiMoprints is not responsible, nor liable for any text and/or language errors. During the design process there are many check moments and there will be a final check whereby your agreement on the design, description and numbers is binding.
  • Bear in mind that the colours may look different on a computer screen.
  • Before I start designing, I request a small deposit for the illustrations.
  • When you submit a photo, text or illustration for me to use, I assume it has been released for use. LiMoprints is not liable for any copyright claims on your behalf.
  • If you would like to cancel the assignment, I have the right to charge costs that have been made specifically for the assignment in