Family portraits for Christmas. 

PhD bookcover. 

Thank you or welcome cards NovExpat. 

Home portrait of The Blue House. 

New address cards.

Big artwall family portrait 120x80.

Birhtannouncement Philine.

Wine label.

Opening artwall gift golfstudio Aigremont.

Lycee International Christmas Card

Big 60x60 wallart:

Goodbye gift:

Christmas market sales item.

Birth announcement Yfke:

Thank you gift 

Home portrait

Teacher thankyou gift:

A personal birth announcement for a very special boy.

Besties forever !

These girls were close friends. Unfortunately one of them had to move abroad.. 

One of the girls wanted to give a special present so they could allways remember eachother.

Christmas card - Section Néerlandaise - Paris


The Dutch school in Paris wanted a special design this year for there official Christams cards. A drawing of the new building and the old building together with all the staff.



The parents of this lovely little boy wanted the birthcard to show the meaning of his name. Also elements of the previous birthcard of his sister were included!

Lycee International - Marche de Noel

Collaboration with Club International

Design for hangtags, christmascards and mugs!

Personal Christmas cards



Due to the covid19 situation, her family cannot go 'home' this Christmas. Extra happy she was, to send this special Christmas card!


Moving cards - Verhuiskaarten


She moved from Paris back to the Netherlands and she wanted to give the landlourd a painting of the house. 


Later, I used the painting to make ma postcard to inform everybody about her new adres.

Birth card

This lovely little girl deserved the most beautiful jungle birthcard I could possibly think off! 

Very happy with the result.

Birthday gift - POSTER

Mother and wife of three asked me to draw her husband and three kids as a goft for his birthday. 

She send me four foto's and this is the result!

Personalized birthdaycards

Posters Kidsroom

After seeing some walpaper ideas on my instagram account, she asked my to design three posters for her little daugther new room... Super nice assingment!

Personalized postcards during quarantine..

Sending special notes to special people... 

Mystery in the City


Collaboration with Mystery in the city.

Still work in progress!!!!

Poster Kids room

After giving birth to her third child, her husband asked me if I could make an illustration of their three children so he could give a nice poster as a present to his wife. 

Collaboration with NOVEXPAT


Series of illustrations for learning materials for the french language school NOVEXPAT.


They allready send a very special Christmas card to all their relatives this year!

BVKM - Illustrations for a magazine

This associations for kids with anchondroplasia wanted some nice illustrations for the kids when they read their monthly magazine.

Invitation Section Néerlandais


Every year the Lycée International invites it's Dutch members for a big iceskating event. 

The invitation was provided by LiMoprints.

Birth-card Krijn

I had the honour to create a unique and personalized birth-card for a very special little boy.

As he has two little sisters, it was the wish of the parents to make a drawing with all three of them in the picture. The mother prefered a little crib..

I really enjoyed the cooperation and I'm glad everybody was very happy with the result!

Christmas cards Fête de Noël 

Lycée International - Fête de Noël 

section Néerlandais


I had the honour to create some 'carte postale' in Christmas theme for the big Christmas market at the Lycée International. 


Click below to see the results.


Wallpaper design for baby- and kids-rooms.


I just love kids rooms. 

Every room starts with a moodboard. In this particular case I wanted to create a cool boysroom with blue, yellow and a little green. The black&white elements akes the whole 'tougher' and the wood/vintage/colour of wood gives it a warm and cosy feeling. 


This little girl wanted a pink room and needed for her own baby to be part of it. As the moodbaord shows, it's really soft, sweet and pink, but subtle and warm! A room where not only the little girl feels at home, but the rest of the family as well. 

The vintage crib with matching fabric gives the perfect finishing touch.

Birth-card Moos

Six years ago I started making birth cards. The approach was similar, I try to get to know people and collect personal items to use in the design. These days I use the items in my drawings. Back in the days I used photography. 

All items where bought before the boy was even born. His dad bought the yellow boots, his mom the red monkey. His grandma knitted little booties and his other grandma give the parents the beautiful green cupboard and the vintage suitecase.